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Most common questions


Why hire a professional pool care company? 


Purchasing a pool can be a great way for you and your family to enjoy spending time together. Both indoor and outdoor pools in Placerville, CA need weekly maintenance to ensure the water is clean, and the construction is sturdy and secure to use. At Splash Pool & Spa Service, we use industry standard products that are safe for your loved ones and maintain your pool clean and pristine.


What pool maintenance services do you offer? 


We offer an array of pool Care services for above-ground and in-ground pools, including:

  • Weekly cleanings

  • Leak detection

  • Pool openings

  • Pool closings

  • Liner repairs and inspections

  • Water level and safety inspection and maintenance

  • Water mineral management

  • Algae management and removal

Can you provide me with pool cleaning tips? 


Many pool owners have been overwhelmed and undereducated about proper pool care, resulting in damaged and fresh pools. We're delighted to answer all your queries, and educate you on proper pool care to better equip you with the knowledge to ensure your pool is more long-lasting and functional.


Do you offer off-season pool care? 


Many pool owners do not understand that taking care of your pool during the off season is equally as important as pool maintenance during the warmer months. Ensuring suitable off-season pool care will help to avoid any expensive water and lining problems. It also ensures a smooth opening you and your family can enjoy the pool during the warmer months.


Off-Season Pool Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep your eye on your filtration system, checking for any water build-up. Unwanted water build-up in the system can cause the water to freeze and expand, causing the pool lining to crack.

  • Maintain a debris- and leaf-free pool cap.

  • To prevent algae from growing since the weather warms up, add some chlorine to the pool before launching.

  • Make sure the pool cover is tight and nice, and doesn't sag or have loose corners when covering the pool.

  • Make sure to keep rain and snow from collecting on the pool cover.

  • Utilize algaecide right before you intend to re-open the pool to be certain any existing or unnoticed algae from the water is removed.


Why choose Splash Pool & Spa Service? 


Every pool owner would like to get the most out of their pool all year. With passionate maintenance and cleaning, BSplash Pool & Spa Service will make sure that your pool is in top order. Our friendly pool pros are here to answer all your questions and work out a pool maintenance program that's right for you. 


Our top-notch support and competitive pricing will make you happy you picked Splash Pool & Spa Service to keep your pool all year round. 


"Chad came out an hour after I called even though he was supposed to be on vacation, this is his first service but our pool already looks much better!Hes very knowledgable and professional we are very happy we found him.i highly recommend splash of you are looking for a pool service ..their prices are very reasonable as well."

Amber C.
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